Privileged to announce that I got an opportunity to lead a talented technical team that won the Nielsen Norman Group Best Intranet Award 2016 Worldwide.

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Built on SharePoint 2013, American Cancer Society’s new intranet replaces a number of disparate sites and systems, and eliminates outdated and redundant content, helping ACS reduce the number of servers needed and their associated costs by 62%.

“ACS worked to consolidate a set of sites built on outdated technology, with the goal of increasing engagement and encouraging collaboration,” said usability expert Jakob Nielsen, principal of Nielsen Norman Group. “The team created a site with a strong structure, inclusive resource library and many opportunities for employees and volunteers alike to learn, share and communicate.”

One of the biggest complaints about ACS’s previous system of siloed intranets was how difficult it was to find documents and information. Neudesic incorporated this and other user feedback into a mobile-responsive “search first” experience that leverages SharePoint 2013 Enterprise search capabilities to drive the site’s ultimate goal of increasing adoption.

“From identifying user personas to defining strategy and IA to designing and testing prototypes, it took a well-coordinated team effort to deliver the best possible experience for ACS users,” said Sathish TK, Neudesic Senior Solution Partner, Portals & Collaboration. “This recognition by Nielsen Norman is testament to the validity of our mobile first, user-centric approach to intranet design.”

A post-launch survey revealed that 71% of ACS staff visit Society Source every day to learn the latest cancer and organizational news and connect to resources, tools and people to help them perform their jobs. The new intranet is now the “most useful” of the eight channels ACS uses for internal communications.

“Society Source helps us create a single, aligned organization, presenting the opportunity for revamped governance and security policy – with well-defined roles and responsibilities – that extends across multiple platforms, such as hardware, software, internet browsers, mobile devices, etc.,” said Amy Hadsock, Senior Director, New Channels, ACS.

Visit Society Source for more information on the design and functionality of ACS’s award-winning intranet.