SQL Server 2012 Analysis Service (Tabular model) 1103 error

Encountered errors when executing any of these steps:


1) Restoring analysis tabular model database resulted in incompatible settings error (SQL Server 2012 installed using SP1 slipstreamed)

2) Trying to deploy the tabular model via Visual studio also failed with 1103 version compatibility error

3) Running XMLA file also failed



1103 is not a valid value for this element.

An error occurred while parsing the ‘ddl200:CompatibilityLevel’ element at line 18, column 71 (‘http://schemas.microsoft.com/analysisservices/2010/engine/200’ namespace) under Envelope/Body/Execute/Command/Create/ObjectDefinition/Database/CompatibilityLevel.


Don’t waste your time troubleshooting this. When you connect to Analysis service using SQL Management Studio, you should see the version number 11.0.3000.0 If you don’t, although you used the SQL Server 2012 SP1 media, somehow the SP1 did not get applied to Analysis service. In my case, I had configured database engine and Analysis service multi-dimensional in my first round. Later on, I had installed the Analysis service Tabular model. 

Resolution: Re-apply SP1. When you re-apply SQL Server is smart enough to recognize the fact that SP1 is already installed for the database engine and multi-dimensional model and it will only highlight the tabular model. Leave the default setting on and you should be back in business.